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Edward Vorobyov
Edward Vorobyov

Watch LITTLE (2019) BRRip AC3 [Extra Quality]

Great for watching sports in a bright room. It has excellent reflection handling and an excellent response time. The viewing angle isn't very wide, which could be problematic for some people for game day parties. It has great gray uniformity, with little dirty screen effect.

Watch LITTLE (2019) BRRip AC3

These two TVs have different types of panels. The LG SK9000 has an IPS panel and is a better choice if you're going to watch TV from the side, as it has wider viewing angles. If you'll be sitting straight in front, the Samsung Q7FN can get brighter to fight bright room glare and can display deeper and more uniform blacks in a dark room, thanks to the higher contrast ratio and better black uniformity. The Q7FN has better gray uniformity and it's a little better for watching sports.

Interesting. I am not that worried about 1080p to 4k. More so about 720p to 1080 or 4k. Most those ad supported services like Tubi seem stuck at 720p, and wish there was something that made the look a bit better. Also, with how little I watch my Netflix, I would like to drop it down to the 720 plan. 041b061a72


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