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Hungama: A Review of the Hindi-Punjabi Remake of a Malayalam Classic with Eng Subs

Hungama 2003 Hindi Movie W Eng Sub 720p Hd Punjabi: A Review

If you are looking for a comedy film that will make you laugh out loud, then you should watch Hungama, a 2003 Hindi film directed by Priyadarshan and starring Akshaye Khanna, Aftab Shivdasani, Rimi Sen, Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav and Shoma Anand. The film is a remake of the 1984 Malayalam film Poochakkoru Mookkuthi, which was also directed by Priyadarshan. The film revolves around the lives of four characters who get entangled in a web of misunderstandings, confusions and chaos. The film also features some catchy songs composed by Nadeem-Shravan. The film is available to watch online with English subtitles in 720p HD quality on various platforms. The film is also dubbed in Punjabi for the fans of Punjabi cinema. In this article, we will review the film and tell you why it is worth watching.

Hungama 2003 Hindi Movie W Eng Sub 720p Hd Punjabi

Plot summary

The film begins with Anjali (Rimi Sen), a young woman who runs away from home to marry her lover Nandu (Aftab Shivdasani), but ends up living as a paying guest in a bungalow owned by Radheshyam Tiwari (Paresh Rawal), a middle-aged man who runs a grocery shop. Anjali pretends to be married to Nandu, but he does not live with her. She also tells Tiwari that her husband works abroad and sends her money every month.

Meanwhile, Jeetu (Akshaye Khanna), a struggling singer who owes money to a gangster named Kachra Seth (Shakti Kapoor), pretends to be the nephew of a rich businessman named Tejabhai (Tiku Talsania) to impress Anjali, whom he falls in love with at first sight. He also tells Anjali that he works for Tejabhai's company.

Tiwari's wife Anjali (Shoma Anand), who lives in another town with their son, suspects her husband of having an affair with another woman. She hires a detective named Popat (Manoj Joshi) to spy on him.

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