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Where Can You Buy Hollywood Bread

But the more I investigated, the more I became aware that the real story was not the building but the company and its glamorous founder and president, Mrs. Eleanor Hansberry, who presided over the bread empire until her death in 1978.

where can you buy hollywood bread

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Hansberry hit the pavement and headed to Hollywood, California, to enlist stars to sell her bread. And that, not Hollywood, Florida, is where the name originated for the bread she made famous. Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly, Joan Fontaine, and Judy Garland all had their pictures in the stars that adorned the wrapper of the bread.

Our team of talented bakers rises before the sun to prepare and deliver freshly baked breads and pastries to our restaurants. Bring home a little piece of the magic with advanced bread + pastry orders for pickup!

I used to buy a bread brand called Hollywood bread, many, many years ago. It was touted as a diet bread, but I liked the taste so purchased it for that. It also made great toast. And I've been craving it for years, but I also wanted to try making a bread that had more fiber in it, than my favorpite No Knead bread. I did find some inspiration here. And then I winged the rest, well kinda, I made notes as I went along. This is my copycat recipe.

Why am I talking fiber? Well, not for the reason you might think but because Weight Watchers touts fiber rich bread as being a 'free food'. They have 'zero points', not that I'm following Weight Watchers so much, but I like their 'free points' way of eating. They do tout a healthier way of eating.

With both those memories in mind and not wanting to go through the whole process of kneading and waiting and kneading bread dough, I decided to play with adding stuff to my basic no knead bread recipe. I cooked up some veggies, but ended up not using all of them, so the remainder was frozen for future breads.

With that idea in mind, she divorced Dunkle and went to Elam Health Foods. They had experimental ovens and tried a formula Eleanor had created which consisted of eight vegetables: parsley, celery, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, artichoke, lettuce, and pumpkin. A smidge of seaweed was added which made up 5% of the loaf. The rest was flour, honey, skim milk, molasses, and malt; no sugar and no shortening. The final product had a good flavor and had about 30% fewer calories than the average loaf of bread. The slices were also cut thinner than average to reduce even more calories.

Hollywood was born in 1966 in Wallasey,[2][3] Cheshire,[a] the son of bakery proprietor John F. Hollywood and Gillian M. Hollywood (nee Harman).[4] He was a pupil at The Mosslands School. Hollywood studied sculpture at the Wallasey School of Art based at Liscard Hall,[5] but left to start work as a baker.[6][7] He first worked in his father's bakery in York (the headquarters of a chain called Bread Winner which eventually stretched all the way down the east coast from Aberdeen to Lincolnshire) and then in other bakeries on Merseyside.[8] He eventually went on to become head baker at a number of hotels including The Dorchester, Chester Grosvenor and Spa, and the Cliveden Hotel. He then left the UK for Cyprus, where he worked at two resorts.[9]

In 2008, Hollywood created an almond and roquefort sourdough recipe that was said to be the most expensive bread in Britain.[18] The roquefort is supplied from a specialist in France at 15 per kilo, while the flour for the bread is made by a miller in Wiltshire. Hollywood describes it as a "Rolls-Royce of loaves".[18] Hollywood is a guest speaker at several food festivals, including the Cumbrian Food Festival,[19] and the BBC Good Food Show and the Cake and Bake Show, both in London.[17][20] In May 2013, Hollywood began appearing as a judge on The American Baking Competition on CBS.[citation needed]

In August 2015 Hollywood was featured on the BBC genealogy documentary series Who Do You Think You Are? The programme revealed that his grandfather Norman Harman, who served in the Army during World War II, saw action in the Tunisia Campaign and at the Battle of Anzio and that his great-great-grandfather, Kenneth MacKenzie, had been a policeman in the City of Glasgow Police in the 1850s. Hollywood's great-great-great-grandfather, Donald MacKenzie, had been a crofter in Poolewe, Wester Ross. Donald had also been the post-runner between Poolewe and Dingwall, where he delivered post on foot over a distance of 60 miles (97 km). He covered this distance every week, during his forties, on foot for over a decade. He lived into his 80s.[21]

It is finally soup season and these play the leading role on the menu of new offerings. Soup options include a vegan butternut squash soup, and a line-up of bread bowl options including turkey chowder and clam chowder. For a play on the traditional Thanksgiving feast, the standard theme park turkey leg has been given a seasonal upgrade with a cranberry glaze. There is also a pesto pasta salad and baguette hot dog. Sweet options include hot chocolate cake in a jar and a pumpkin spice cake in a jar.

On a particularly chilly day, I ventured to Universal Studios Hollywood to sample some of these new offerings. The bread bowls were of interest to me, so I decided to try the Turkey Chowder first. I ordered this from City Snack Shop for $12.99, but the bowls are also available at French Street Bistro, Jurassic Café, and Hollywood & Dine.

The generous portion of soup was filled with large chunks of tender turkey and housed in a hearty sourdough bread bowl. This was a sure-fire winner and a reasonably priced, inspired lunch option in the park.

A notoriously wet dough precedes this bread. And for once, Paul heavily advises to use an electric mixer because of this. The extra water in the dough turns to steam during the baking process, creating the signature air pockets and open texture. All of this water makes the mix very sloppy. But boy do you get a result at the end.

Get baking with the master baker and judge of The American Baking Competition! Paul Hollywood's new book is all about bread - how to make it and how to use it. Not only does Paul teach you exactly how to make a variety of breads, but for each one there is a spin-off recipe that shows you how to make a fantastic meal of it. The book has six chapters, each with five bread recipes - plus the spin-off recipes for main courses. Not only are Paul's recipes delicious but they are also foolproof, with comprehensive step-by-step photographs. Try your hand at a basic white bloomer, which can be come a savory picnic loaf; stilton and bacon rolls, which are excellent served with celery soup; fluffy crumpets, which become the base for eggs Benedict; spinach doss, which is a natural pairing with chickpea masala; ciabatta, which the Italians have traditionally used as a base for tomatoey panzanella; pizza bases, which can become home-made fig, Parma ham and Gorgonzola pizzas; or white chocolate and raspberry bread, which makes for the best bread pudding you've ever tasted.

The son of a baker, Paul Hollywood has shot to fame with his role as a judge on The Great British Bake Off. He worked as Head Baker at exclusive hotels including Cliveden and the Dorchester and he went on to launch The Paul Hollywood Artisan Bread Company, which now supplies Harrods among others. / @PaulHollywood

Paul Hollywood was making loaves of almond and Roquefort sourdough bread and he certainly didn't scrimp on the quality of ingredients. "All the constituents of the bread are the finest money can buy. I have searched all over the country and Europe to make sure the ingredients are the very best available," he told the Telegraph. At closer inspection, Hollywood had imported the high-end cheese from a small, rural Roquefort cheese maker in France and used the highest grade of flour possible that also came from a high-quality mill in Wiltshire, England. 041b061a72


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