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[S1E6] Stealing Home

The real estate that "plays" Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle, has been the home of the Carnarvon family since 1679. In 1922, George Herbert, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, co-discovered the Tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. On the show, the names of the Earl of Grantham's beloved dogs, Isis and Pharaoh, are nods to the real castle's connection to Egyptian history.

[S1E6] Stealing Home


Eleven has a flashback to encountering the Demogorgon in the void, their combined powers accidentally opening the lab's gate and freeing it into the lab. Eleven tearfully admits that she opened the gate, but Mike and Dustin insist that she is their friend and the three embrace. As they return home, the repairman calls in their location and Lucas watches soldiers leave the lab.

The night ends with BoJack winning a game of arm-wrestling, but the moment is bittersweet, as Mr. Peanutbutter reminds BoJack that he gets to take Diane home as her boyfriend. BoJack proceeds to get drunk to console himself.

BoJack wakes up the next morning to hear news of the Hollywood Sign's letter "D" stolen. He quickly discovers he had stolen the "D" the previous night in a drunken stupor, as the "D" is sitting in his pool. Mr. Peanutbutter arrives to confirm his suspicions of BoJack having feelings for Diane by stealing the "D," but offers to help BoJack return the "D" secretly under the condition BoJack stops pursuing Diane romantically. BoJack agrees.

When Diane returns home to Mr. Peanutbutter, BoJack calls to once again express his feelings, but his call is ignored when Mr. Peanutbutter asks Diane to talk intimately. Mr. Peanutbutter apologizes for his grand gestures and explains how much he loves her despite having different personalities.

Wallace expresses his anguish at seeing Brandon's body. D'Angelo unsympathetically reminds Wallace that he knew what would happen to Brandon, and reminds him that killing is part of "the game" of drug dealing in Baltimore. Stringer tells D'Angelo they are bringing Bodie home following his recent arrests. At a court hearing, Levy lies to defend Bodie's actions, causing the judge to set him free on the condition that he makes regular phone calls to a probation officer. Herc and Carver later pick up Bodie, assuming he absconded from custody a second time, and are surprised that he managed to get released.

Philadelphia detectives Sanders and Abbasi[b] attempt to question Mike, who requests that Jimmy McGill represent him. The detectives are investigating the death of Mike's son Matt, a police officer who was killed in a 2001 ambush. Matt's partners, Troy Hoffman and Jack Fensky were killed in a similar ambush six months later and the detectives suspect Mike. Jimmy intentionally spills his coffee and Mike pretends to help Abbasi clean his jacket while stealing Abbasi's notebook.

Mike discovers from Abbasi's notes that Stacey contacted Philadelphia police after she discovered money Matt previously hid in the lining of a suitcase, hoping that investigating the source of the cash would help identify Matt's killer. In a flashback to Philadelphia, Mike breaks into a police car outside a bar. He then enters the bar and confronts Fensky and Hoffman. At closing time Mike announces he plans to move to Albuquerque. As he staggers home, Fensky and Hoffman offer him a ride and help him into the back seat.

Maggie Burch is a digital media professional with a decade of experience creating, editing, and managing multimedia content for national brands, including Glamour, Southern Living, House Beautiful, and The Everygirl. A homes enthusiast, Maggie writes about decor and real estate trends, designer-approved tips and tricks, and even her own DIY projects. Follow her on Instagram.

The episode opens on the bloody corpse of Brandon (Omar Little's partner) atop a car. Wallace wakes up nearby and goes through his routine of readying his siblings for school. The police arrive in the neighborhood and as Poot Carr and Wallace leave the house they recognize Brandon's body. Across town, D'Angelo Barksdale dresses at home while Shardene makes him breakfast. They discuss their blossoming relationship and D'Angelo reveals that he believes that all women come with a cost, particularly his other girl Donette.

Wallace expresses his anguish at seeing Brandon's corpse to D'Angelo. D'Angelo unsympathetically reminds Wallace that he knew what would happen to Brandon, and reminds him that killing is part of "the game" of drug dealing in Baltimore. Stringer tells D'Angelo they are bringing Bodie home following his recent arrests. At a court hearing, Maurice Levy lies to defend Bodie's actions and the judge allows Bodie to go free with the condition of twice-weekly phone calls to a parole officer. Herc and Carver later pick up Bodie, believing him to have absconded from custody a second time and are surprised that he managed to get released with a home supervision order.

While Philip and Vivian go on a trip to Palm Springs in Mrs. Furth's helicopter, Will offers to drive Mr. Furth's Mercedes there as well, to which Furth transfers the obligation onto Carlton; a peeved Will ends up stowing away in the car. While trying to find the way, Carlton gets lost and, without a map, has to slow the car down to 2 MPH, attracting the attention of the police. The pair are pulled over and due to Carlton saying the car isn't his are arrested for "stealing" it.

Meanwhile, Hilary babysits Ashley throughout the episode and proves to be an unhealthy influence on the young girl, who ends up drinking espresso at a café and is hyperactive by the time Carlton, Will, Philip and Vivian arrive back home.

Malcolm invites Stevie for a sleepover, which Stevie has never done before. Malcolm tells Lois that he's staying at Stevie's house, and finds that Stevie's parents, Kitty and Abe, are extremely overbearing. Kitty suggests that they do a puzzle instead of what they want, makes pizza without any sauce or toppings, and forces them to go to bed at 8:00 with sheets that are tucked in too tightly. She gives them exactly four minutes after she leaves to talk before "sleepy time." Abe, thinking he is a "cool dad," gives them an extra 30 seconds to talk. Malcolm and Stevie decide to sneak out to the arcade in the middle of the night. When Stevie's wheelchair gets stolen and the lazy arcade security guard refuses to help them, Stevie and Malcolm look around town and Malcolm uses other objects, such as a desk chair, a trash can lid, a shovel, a tire, and a shopping cart to help get Stevie around. At some point, Malcolm sees his dad coming out of an adult bookstore, but Hal mistakes them for homeless people. Malcolm and Stevie eventually find the hoodlums responsible for stealing Stevie's wheelchair. They chase them, the wheelchair is eventually abandoned, and Malcolm is able to retrieve it. As they are making their way back to Stevie's, they notice that his house is swarming with cop cars. Malcolm eventually abandons Stevie to face the punishment from his parents himself.

Meanwhile, at Marlin Academy, Francis is being used as weights by Stanley until he uses the time to take a break. When he goes in the closet to get a snack, he finds Finley hiding in there. Francis asks him why he is in the closet. Finley tells him that he's been marked by a cult known as "The Brothers of the Apocalypse" lead by a senior named Stevenson. He points out they're hazing the students by giving them a severed doll head known as "Poquito Cabesa". Francis mentions that he thinks Finley is being ridiculous because to him it's just a couple of seniors with limited to no imaginations. He mentions he's more worried about how Spangler would react to seeing the latter hiding in the closet. Finley tells Francis that's easy for him to say that because he has Stanley protecting him and isn't holding a severed doll head. Finley refuses to come out of hiding and asks him to turn in his math homework for him. Soon the senior cult arrive to get him as Francis and Stanley talk about them.

Hal goes off to a pornographic bookstore to get some supplies, and actually passes Malcolm pushing Stevie in a grocery cart. However, he's so focused on the task at hand that he doesn't catch them outside the Kenarban's house and gives Stevie some spare change and heads home. While Hal and Lois are romping in the bedroom, Reese is passed out in the hallway and Dewey is happily watching the horror movie in his pajamas.

All is well, Malcolm is able to retrieve Stevie's wheelchair and he's pushing him home. As they were coming closer to his house, Stevie says that he's never been in trouble and he's looking forward to see what it looks like. When they arrive, they notice that there are cop cars parked right in front of Stevie's driveway. Suddenly, Malcolm just disappears (possibly afraid of getting busted by the cops and most likely getting berated by Hal and Lois).

On the drive home, Elliot holds out his phone and asks her when she planned to tell him. She questions what he is talking about. He angrily accuses her of smashing it. She denies the allegations. He orders her to pull off to the side of the road because he is going to drive. She reluctantly agrees. He accuses her of hiding things from him before speeding up. She tries to get him to stop, but he refuses, heading into oncoming traffic. When they arrive home, he kisses her and gets out of the car without returning her car keys.

In an odd lapse of judgment, Adrian Monk finds himself in the wrong apartment, trying to make dinner for his late wife Trudy. He calls Sharona for advice, and learns that he's in the wrong apartment. Then, the police arrive, having been summoned by the real homeowners, Nick and Josie Haskell. 041b061a72


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