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Doing My Makeup Using Techniques I Hate! Round 2! UPD

Petroleum jelly is the ultimate in multi-tasking products. If you have some on hand, you can use it in place of various beauty products. Instead of using lip gloss or balm, smooth a bit of petroleum jelly onto your pout. To rock the glossy eye makeup trend, swipe some onto your lids. You can even dab it onto your cheekbones in place of highlighter!

Doing My Makeup Using Techniques I Hate! Round 2!


Aloe vera has many beneficial uses around the home, but easy and efficient makeup removal is at the top of the list. If you have an aloe vera plant hanging out around the house, simply dab some aloe on your face and gently massage it into the skin. (Be careful around the eyes!) Then softly rinse the aloe vera thoroughly off of your face for a clean, refreshing feeling.

Any of the above techniques should work when removing your waterproof mascara; the only difference may be that you have to soak your eyes for a little longer with whatever method you choose, or repeat the process a second time.

Simply use a washcloth or cotton round and wet it with warm water. Tenderly press on your eyes to loosen your eye makeup, and then rinse. Repeat this process until you feel you've removed as much makeup as possible.

To effectively remove your makeup without makeup remover, remember to always be gentle on your skin, especially around the eye area. If you have coconut oil, aloe vera, olive oil, baby oil, or lip balm, you can achieve a clean, fresh face for the night.

I dont wear alot of makeup, but when I do its mostly cus I think its fun and a creative way to experiment and play with colors. Other than that its a nuisance. You can wear all the color of the rainbow on your lips or around your eyes if u wanted to. Men are probably jealous cus they cant get away with that haha.

The best part of this look? Bushy, unruly brows are both accepted and encouraged when it comes to natural looking makeup. Enhance the beauty of your natural brows by simply using a brow gel with fibers and brushing them up and into place.

Eyeshadow is one of the most tricky parts of the makeup routine, but it allows you to get the most creative. There are a few common pitfalls beginners often make with their eyeshadow, from having the wrong technique to using the wrong eyeshadow palette.

If you are applying makeup on a regular basis and leaving it on your skin for a long time, there are chances that your skin pores get clogged. This does not let your skin breathe, making it prone to acne, bumps and other facial skin problems. You may notice bumps around your eyes as well.

The area around your eyes and your eyelid is thin and delicate. This is also where you use makeup like foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Any kind of irritant in your eye makeup can cause severe harm to your eyes. It can even lead to an eye infection.

The Food and Drug Administration [2] advises checking ingredients before using any eye makeup. Avoid using harmful chemical-based products. Eye make up products can also trigger dark circles, if they are not removed before bed or if worn for a long period of time.

While applying makeup regularly has some side effects, you can still use them by adopting a few healthy makeup habits. Also, when you apply makeup products daily, it calls for special care of your skin. Using good skincare products that keep your skin internally hydrated and healthy will ensure that using cosmetics will not harm your skin.

As we mentioned at the outset, newborns have an impressive ability to ignore the world around them when they see fit to sleep. If you find yourself in the position of needing to wake up your baby, here are some simple techniques that sometimes (notice we said "sometimes") work.

Double-duty diapering. Even if your baby doesn't technically require one, going through the motions (even reusing the same diaper, assuming it's still clean) may help if undressing alone doesn't do the trick. This works especially well for those babies who have a tendency to fall asleep before finishing their meals. We think of it as dual-purpose diapering because diaper changes not only tend to wake up sleeping babies but are more likely to be needed around feeding times.

I didn't want to get detailed in my post, but I have lots of experience doing my own makeup. I just find I don't wear too much of it these days. I have also had my makeup done before professionally (used to work in TV and film), but it's been a while. I guess the point of what I was saying is that I'm not anti-makeup, or I wouldn't have booked a makeup artist, but after the trial, I realized I really didn't like it, and I don't know how to tell her that. I think what I mainly don't like is having foundation on my face. And the eye makeup totally changed the shape of my eyes which I wasn't a fan of. When I do my own eye makeup, I play up the shape of my eye in a certain way. This is why I'm trying to figure out if it makes more sense to do my own, or to keep trying to explain to her what I like. My brain is so frazzled these days, which is why I'm asking strangers for opinions! haha Anywho, I guess doing my own just seems like a lot of work when I will already have lots to worry about that day, plus I've already paid for the makeup... so yeah, probably best to figure out how to tell her exactly what I want. I'm sheepish! haha Going to malls is a good idea, I might try that! Thanks

You should always apply a primer on your face first in order to prevent oily skin. A primer can help to soak the excess oil on the skin and also hold your makeup in place for a long period of time. If not everywhere on the face, you should be using primer on the nose, forehead and the chin. Applying primer on the oily T-zone area can help to keep your makeup on your face and prevent the production of oil as well. You can use the Covergirl TruBlend Face Primer for Oily Skin.

Blotting papers work as saviours for people with oily skin. You should be using blotting papers which can help to soak the excess oil from the face and also keep your makeup in place. You can complete applying the makeup and then run blotting paper on the face lightly. This will help to remove the excess makeup and also blot away the excess oil from the skin. You should be using something like the The Face Shop Oil Blotting Paper.

If you love applying blushes on the skin, you should be opting for matte blushes. Since you have oily skin, you should be using blushes which can give you matte finish on the face. If you have normal skin which generally gets oily after applying makeup, you should be using matte blushes.

One important step to consider while preventing oil face after makeup is you should avoid applying layers of makeup. If you are using foundation and SPF separately, use a foundation with SPF so that you can enjoy the benefits of both in one single application. Applying too many layers on the skin can trap the excess oil between the makeup thus making your skin look more greasy.

To wash your eye area, we recommend using our Lash Detox foaming cleanser. Both Lash Detox formulas (unscented and tea tree extract) are oil-free and lash extension-safe. We recommend using oil-free cleansers to keep your lashes clean and secure. Pair this with our Gel Eye Makeup Remover, which is infused with hydrolyzed soy protein to gently remove any trace of makeup and oil and debris from your eye and brow area. You can purchase our Lash Detox foaming cleanser and Gel Eye Makeup Remover at our salons!

While you may be tempted to perform salt removal at home using DIY methods, remember that salt removal is not without risks. Permanent makeup artists have formal training in using salt removal; that training can reduce the risks of infection, scarring and hypo-pigmentation.

Supporters of newer permanent makeup removal methods often use the limitations of salt removal to promote using their technique instead. But the limitations of salt removal are often the same as the limitations of these newer methods:

Newer techniques of permanent makeup removal are not superior to salt removal. In fact, they carry additional risks. Additionally, newer techniques do not produce instant results: they also take several sessions, and may not produce notably better outcomes. 041b061a72


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