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When at least 8 lines have been filled during Zone, a color inversion effect known as Zone Brilliance is applied to the entire screen. You can adjust the severity of this effect in the graphics settings, which allows a choice between "MIN", "MID", and "MAX".


In each Area, bosses have a shared set of common blitz attacks. Each boss also has a signature blitz attack. Initially, attacks are individual blitzes, but quickly begin to become two-blitz attacks. Each blitz has an associated internal level 1-4 in strength/effect, with higher values being more difficult to deal with. Bosses alternate between common and signature sets of blitz combinations, with many blitz combinations in the signature set including common blitzes as the game progresses.[24] Many of the blitz effects are similar to those seen in Mystery and seem inspired by the attack items in TGM Versus modes.

Enhanced PC visuals & more: Unlocked resolution and an uncapped framerate if Vsync is disabled, increased texture and particle effect options, support for super high-resolution and ultrawide monitors, and more.

What makes Connected the ideal launch game for something like the Series X is that it's a sight to behold in 4K HDR. The colorful settings, the bright lighting, the gorgeous particle effects, and so much more make this a visual marvel. It's really the perfect game to show off what this console is capable of putting out there. PlayStation, Epic Games Store, and Oculus users should feel excited about this update that's heading their way next summer.

About ten years ago, Emily Holmes and her team found out that the computer game Tetris can suppress flashbacks caused by horror films in healthy people when played shortly after watching the film. In the current study, the research team tested whether this effect can also help patients with PTSD, for whom the cause of the stressful memories mostly dates back years.

Only the frequency of the flashbacks for which content was targeted during the week specifically decreased in the days and weeks following the intervention. The number of flashbacks remained relatively constant for the untargeted flashback contents. Over the weeks, various flashback contents were targeted one after the other, the frequency of which decreased in each case with time. Overall, the number of flashbacks for the situations that were targeted fell by an average of 64 percent. Flashbacks for which contents were never targeted decreased by only eleven percent. The intervention had an overall effect for 16 of the 20 patients tested.

The researchers also point out that this is a very early stage study and further investigations using control conditions and with a significantly larger number of patients are necessary to confirm the effectiveness of the method. The team led by Kessler and Kehyayan is currently conducting these studies. In addition, they are also investigating the exact mechanisms behind the effect in healthy people in experimental studies.

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Tetris provides a promising therapeutic intervention for a number of practical reasons. The video-gaming consoles required are inexpensive and mobile, and they can be reused multiple times. Tetris does not require a clinician to administer; it can even be self-administered. Tetris does not produce adverse effects and is enjoyable to play, so adherence is likely to be high. Tetris is also adaptive; as a person continues to play, the difficulty level (the speed at which the blocks fall) automatically increases until the game ends (the blocks fill the screen), at which point the game restarts at the lowest difficulty. As such, by adapting the level of difficulty to the skill of the player, it is possible to minimize frustration that the game is too difficult and boredom that the game is too easy, and the player should remain engaged in the game.

Enhanced PC Visuals & More: Unlocked resolution and uncapped framerate if Vsync is disabled, increased texture and particle effect options, support for super high-resolution and ultrawide monitors, and more.

Based on serious research by Emily A. Holmes, Ella L. James, Thomas Coode-Bate and Catherine Deeprose for NCBI, the game "Tetris" could be an effective remedy to help people who have experienced a traumatic event to reduce the frequency of their flashbacks.

We believe that this game could be a good additional tool to help brain function. We are absolutely delighted that this famous fun game could be an effective treatment for many people and we look forward to introducing you to our version.

Fitting the pieces together also seems to have a calming effect against cravings, though not those that are typically attributed to pregnant women, but rather to the natural desires experienced by anyone. 041b061a72


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