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King Legacy (Strike Hub)

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King Legacy (Strike Hub)

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These are just two of 14 local organizations the Great Lakes chapter has partnered with to host 22 events over the last year, from elementary school drives and food packing volunteer events to meal and gift donations.

KCATO will host a networking event to provide you with an opportunity to meet other health professional researchers at King's. There will be drinks and food available during the events. Booking is mandatory and you do not have to attend the workshop to come to the networking session. All welcome!

Speaking to people who have blazed the trail before you: their experiences are invaluable, and you realise that research is accessible to all and that people will follow varied pathways into and through research.

Looking back to the early stages of your career, what do you think were the biggest challenges in forging your career as both a clinician and a researcher? What tips did you find helped you overcome these?

I think being a clinical academic gives you a mindset where you are always actively looking for ways to improve patient care and I think as a nurse, I have a unique insight on how patients experience care and cope with their condition. I find it really rewarding to be able to work collaboratively with patients to design and conduct research that is pertinent to them and to be able to impact on their care more widely that goes beyond an individual consultation.

My tip if choosing a PhD, would be to consider working with supervisors from a non-clinical background. I have supervisors that are safety scientists, ergonomists, and health improvement experts. This diversity is a great strength for my research as it enables me to explore new ways of thinking in a safe environment.

Working remotely is exceptionally difficult because you lack contact with other students facing the same academic challenges. Increasing the contact points with my supervisors to as much as once a week has helped me this year.

Apart from assisting with recruitment and data collection for a couple of clinical research studies when working as a PDSN, I had no prior research experience when I started the PhD, and I do not have a Masters.

Then, teleport to Twisted Paths on the Shadow Isles. There is a specific path through the labyrinth that you will need to follow. According to the pedestals at the beginning marking compass directions, the path is as follows (this does entail some occasional immediate backtracking): North, North, West, West, East, North, East, North, West, East, North, West, East, East, East, West, North, West, East, West, North, West, East, North. You will know if this is successful as a teleport pad will be in front of you. If not, head South and restart. Use your amulet to unlock the gate, beyond which lies three statues. 041b061a72


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