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Nicholas Cook

EX0: Dark Moon: Download This Amazing Indie Retro Puzzle Platformer for Free via Torrent [FULL]

I solved the problem by downloading everything again, using the torrent from your website and starting a clean install. I am still appaled to what happened because the process went the same way as the one I was having issues with. I honestly do not know what happened.

EX0: Dark Moon Torrent Download [FULL]

Regardless, thank you so much for your help it was your statement: "1. One of the files is corrupt. Where duff you get the pack from? If torrent, run a recheck on the files." that got me thinking about it and led me to get a new download going. Up until now, my belief was that the issue would persist. But, thankfully everything is fine.

In my case a few files were corrupt/not completed like unpack.exe even though the first time it downloaded the torrent client (qbittorrent) reported it finished 100%. The setup worked so I also thought everything was OK. When reschecking torrent it suddenly reported 98% complete. At 100% I rechecked once more to be certain and after that the exo setup worked flawlessly...

I am running into a couple snags with the lite version. After the on-demand download of a game, it is asking me fullscreen/aspect/filter preferences for each game, even though I answered these during the initial setup. After the download, it stops running instead of launching the game. Finally, the downloaded games playlist is not being created.

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