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World History Express Workbook Answer 2a

World History Express Workbook Answer 2a

The World History Express series is a set of textbooks and workbooks for junior secondary students in Hong Kong. It covers the history of different regions and civilizations from ancient times to the present. The series aims to help students develop historical thinking skills, such as chronology, causation, change and continuity, and perspective. It also provides various learning activities, such as self-directed reading, decoding historical sources, flipped classroom videos, and history animations.

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The workbook for each topic consists of two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A contains multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and source-based questions that test students' factual knowledge and understanding of the topic. Part B contains extended-response questions and essay questions that require students to apply their historical thinking skills and express their opinions on the topic.

The answer for question 2a in Part A of Topic 2: Ancient China is as follows:

Q: Which of the following statements about the Shang Dynasty is NOT true?

  • It was the first dynasty in Chinese history that left written records.

  • It was ruled by a king who had absolute power over his subjects.

  • It was famous for its bronze art and oracle bone inscriptions.

  • It was overthrown by the Zhou people who established a feudal system.

A: The correct answer is D. The Shang Dynasty was overthrown by the Zhou people who established a mandate of heaven system, not a feudal system. The mandate of heaven was a political doctrine that justified the rule of the Zhou kings. It claimed that the king was chosen by heaven to rule over the people as long as he was virtuous and benevolent. If the king became corrupt or oppressive, he would lose the mandate of heaven and be replaced by another ruler who had the mandate.

This question tests students' knowledge of the Shang Dynasty, which was one of the earliest civilizations in China. It lasted from around 1600 BCE to 1046 BCE. The Shang Dynasty is known for its achievements in bronze casting, writing, astronomy, and divination. The Shang kings ruled over a large territory that consisted of many city-states. They controlled their subjects through a network of nobles and officials who owed loyalty and tribute to the king.

The question also tests students' understanding of the difference between the feudal system and the mandate of heaven system. The feudal system was a political and social system that emerged in Europe during the Middle Ages. It was based on the exchange of land for loyalty and service. The king granted land to his vassals, who in turn pledged allegiance and provided military support to the king. The vassals also granted land to their subordinates, who became their serfs or peasants.

The mandate of heaven system was a political and social system that emerged in China during the Zhou Dynasty. It was based on the idea that heaven granted authority to the king to rule over the people. The king had to act as a benevolent father to his subjects and maintain order and harmony in the society. If the king failed to do so, he would lose the mandate of heaven and be replaced by another ruler who had the mandate.


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