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Brain Sync - Full Collection (40 Albums).17

Brain Sync - Full Collection (40 Albums).17

Brain Sync is a company that produces audio programs that use brainwave entrainment technology to enhance mental performance, creativity, health, and well-being. Brainwave entrainment is a process of synchronizing the brain's electrical activity to a specific frequency or pattern, using sound or light stimuli. Brain Sync claims that their programs can help users achieve various states of consciousness, such as relaxation, meditation, focus, learning, sleep, and more.

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Brain Sync has released over 40 albums since 1991, covering different topics and goals. Some of their most popular albums are:

  • WORK: This album contains four tracks that are designed to boost productivity, creativity, and motivation at work. The tracks use alpha and beta waves to stimulate the brain and enhance cognitive functions. The album also features music by D Borgo, a jazz saxophonist who has collaborated with Brain Sync on several projects.

  • Be The Change: This album is part of Brain Sync's "On Demand" series, which allows users to download individual tracks or customize their own playlists. The album consists of seven tracks that aim to inspire positive change in oneself and the world. The tracks use theta and delta waves to induce deep relaxation and access the subconscious mind. The album also features music by Marlena Castenada, a singer-songwriter who has contributed to Brain Sync's "Cereal Collection" series.

  • Seven Birthdays: This album is another part of Brain Sync's "Cereal Collection" series, which consists of albums that are named after different types of cereals. The album contains seven tracks that correspond to seven stages of life, from birth to death. The tracks use various frequencies and patterns to evoke different emotions and memories. The album also features music by Burt's Bees, a natural cosmetics company that has partnered with Brain Sync for an international campaign.

Brain Sync - Full Collection (40 Albums).17 is a compilation of all the albums that Brain Sync has released so far, plus 17 bonus tracks that are exclusive to this collection. The bonus tracks include some of Brain Sync's most requested and rarest programs, such as:

  • Mind Meld: This track is based on the book "Group Mind" by Evan Parker, a renowned orchestra conductor and author. The track uses gamma waves to enhance group cohesion and communication. The track also features excerpts from Parker's book and interviews.

  • Utagoe: This track is inspired by the Japanese software "Utagoe", which allows users to create acapella songs using their own voice. The track uses alpha waves to stimulate creativity and musical expression. The track also features samples from various Utagoe songs created by users.

  • Solidworks: This track is intended for engineers and designers who use the software "Solidworks" to create 3D models and simulations. The track uses beta waves to enhance spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. The track also features sounds from Solidworks projects and tutorials.

Brain Sync - Full Collection (40 Albums).17 is available for purchase on Brain Sync's website, iTunes, and other online platforms. Users can also stream the collection on SoundCloud . Brain Sync offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all their products.

Brain Sync - Full Collection (40 Albums).17 is a unique and comprehensive collection of audio programs that can help users achieve various states of mind and improve their lives in many ways. Whether it is for work, personal growth, or entertainment, Brain Sync has something for everyone.


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