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SoundToys Native Effects 4.1.1 AU VST RTAS MAC OSX INTEL.rar

SoundToys Native Effects 4.1.1 AU VST RTAS MAC OSX INTEL.rar

SoundToys Native Effects is a bundle of audio plug-ins that emulate the sound and vibe of classic analog gear with modern and musical twists. The bundle includes 11 effects: EchoBoy, FilterFreak, PhaseMistress, Crystallizer, Tremolator, Decapitator, PanMan, Devil-Loc, Radiator, MicroShift and Little PrimalTap. These effects can be used to enhance vocals, guitars, drums, synths and any other audio source in a variety of genres and styles.


The version 4.1.1 of SoundToys Native Effects is compatible with AU, VST and RTAS formats on Mac OS X Intel systems. The file name "SoundToys Native Effects 4.1.1 AU VST RTAS MAC OSX INTEL.rar" indicates that the bundle is compressed in a RAR archive, which can be extracted using a software like WinRAR or UnRARX. The file size is about 156 MB and it can be downloaded from various sources on the internet . However, some of these sources may not be reliable or legal, so users should exercise caution and discretion when downloading files from unknown or untrusted websites.

SoundToys Native Effects 4.1.1 AU VST RTAS MAC OSX INTEL.rar is a popular choice among music producers, engineers and musicians who want to add some color, character and creativity to their digital music studio. The effects are easy to use and offer a wide range of sonic possibilities and customization options. Some of the features and benefits of SoundToys Native Effects are:

  • EchoBoy: The ultimate delay plug-in that can create everything from vintage tape echoes to digital delays to pitch shifting effects.

  • FilterFreak: A powerful filter plug-in that can create resonant sweeps, funky wah-wahs, rhythmic gates and more.

  • PhaseMistress: A versatile phase shifter plug-in that can create classic phasing effects as well as modulated flanging, chorus and vibrato.

  • Crystallizer: A granular echo synthesizer plug-in that can create shimmering, crystalline sounds and reverse effects.

  • Tremolator: A tremolo and auto-gate plug-in that can create rhythmic modulation effects with groove and feel.

  • Decapitator: A saturation and distortion plug-in that can add warmth, grit and edge to any sound.

  • PanMan: A panning plug-in that can create dynamic stereo movement effects with auto-triggered modes and MIDI control.

  • Devil-Loc: A compressor and distortion plug-in that can create extreme compression and distortion effects with a simple interface.

  • Radiator: A tube warmer and mic preamp plug-in that can add analog warmth and character to any sound.

  • MicroShift: A pitch shifter plug-in that can create wide stereo effects with subtle detuning or extreme shifting.

  • Little PrimalTap: A delay plug-in that emulates the classic Prime Time digital delay unit with its unique feedback and freeze features.

SoundToys Native Effects 4.1.1 AU VST RTAS MAC OSX INTEL.rar is a great way to spice up your audio production with some of the best sounding and most creative effects available on the market. Whether you want to add some vintage flavor, modern edge or experimental twist to your sound, SoundToys Native Effects has something for you.


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